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Waterproof NORD Undersuit 200g Ladies

Waterproof NORD Undersuit 200g Ladies

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Waterproof NORD. Arms, legs, and torso have been anatomically designed to enhance maneuverability. Lightweight breathable warmth. Unparalleled softness with exceptional resistance to heat loss. A breathable, windproof, and water-resistant outer layer. Knees and elbows have been reinforced with Cordura fabric. Hip pockets lined with a soft micro-fleece, for added comfort between dives. A discrete zippered pocket for car keys, wallets, and other essentials. A elastic waistband in the back. Insulating while wet. Equipped with thumb-loops. Less volume when used under a dry-suit. With Velcro closing. Vented mesh shoulder panels provides rapid air and moisture regulation. Prepared for suspenders Pre-mounted tabs for the fitting of optional suspenders.

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