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Scuba Cheshire

Semidry & Full Kit | Rental

Semidry & Full Kit | Rental

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Rental Period: 24 hours

Requirements for Collection:

  • Valid ID
  • Proof of address

Collection Location:

  • Scuba Cheshire
  • Unit 4, Victoria Works
  • Hempshaw Lane, Stockport, SK1 4LG

Note: The make and model of the item may vary from those shown.

Included in Your Rental:

When you rent from us, you’ll receive all the essential scuba diving gear, including:

  • Semidry Suit: Stay warm and comfortable in varying water temperatures.
  • Cylinder: High-quality cylinders for your diving needs.
  • Regulators: Reliable regulators to ensure safe and easy breathing underwater.
  • BCD (Buoyancy Control Device): Maintain perfect buoyancy with our top-notch BCDs.
  • Undersuit: Added warmth and comfort with our thermal undersuits.
  • Mask: Clear vision underwater with our high-quality masks.
  • Fins: Efficient and comfortable fins for effortless movement.
  • Snorkel: For surface breathing during your dives.
  • Hood: Extra warmth and protection for your head.
  • Gloves: Keep your hands warm and protected.
  • Weights: Properly balanced weights for optimal buoyancy control.

Our comprehensive rental package ensures you have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

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