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Equipment Specialist | PADI

Equipment Specialist | PADI

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Dive deeper into the mechanics of scuba gear with the PADI Equipment Specialist course. Gain hands-on knowledge of dive equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and fine-tuning to ensure peak performance. Whether you're a seasoned diver or just starting, this course provides essential skills to understand, care for, and optimize your scuba gear. Expert instructors guide you through equipment configuration, ensuring a personalized and thorough learning experience. Earn the PADI Equipment Specialist certification and become adept at maintaining and customizing your gear for a safer and more enjoyable dive. Elevate your diving journey – enrol in the PADI Equipment Specialist course and unlock the secrets to diving with confidence and precision.

Don't miss a dive due to minor issues with your scuba diving equipment. Whether it's a missing o-ring, wetsuit tear or a broken fin strap, the PADI Equipment Specialist course teaches you to manage basic repairs and adjustments. You'll also learn more about how your gear works, making you more comfortable with it and better prepared to take care of your investment.

If you're at least 10 years old and certified as a PADI (Junior) Scuba Diver or higher, you can enrol in the Equipment Specialist course.

  • eLearning time commitment: 2-4 hours
  • Prerequisites: PADI (Junior) Scuba Diver (or qualifying entry-level certification)
  • Total time commitment: 1/2 day
  • Minimum age: 10 years or older

This is classroom based learning at our dive centre in Stockport.

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