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Deep Diver | PADI

Deep Diver | PADI

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Extend your limits and see more of the underwater world. Delve into the depths of the ocean with confidence through the PADI Deep Diver course. Uncover the mysteries that lie beyond conventional dive limits as you explore depths ranging from 18 to 40 meters (60 to 130 feet). Gain specialized knowledge and skills to safely navigate the challenges of deep diving, including managing gas supply, dealing with narcosis, and executing controlled ascents and descents. Elevate your diving prowess and broaden your underwater horizons. Earn the PADI Deep Diver certification and unlock new possibilities for exploration. Take the plunge into the abyss with the PADI Deep Diver course – where adventure meets depth.

During four dives with a PADI Instructor, you'll practice descents, buoyancy and safety stops. Through hands-on exercises, you'll discover how deep dives affect colour, physical objects and your brain.
  • Prerequisites: PADI Adventure Diver (or qualifying certification)
  • Total time commitment: 2-3 days (dives must be completed over a minimum of two days)
  • eLearning time commitment: 2-4 hours
  • Minimum age: 15 years or older
  • Minimum certification: Advanced Open Water Certification required.
  • Minimum logged dives: 7 logged dives
  • If you've earned the PADI Adventure Diver rating or higher, and you're at least 15 years old you can enrol in the Deep Diver course.


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