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Aquatec Shark Fin Mouthpiece

Aquatec Shark Fin Mouthpiece

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Aquatec MP900 Shark Fin Regulator Mouthpiece. This regulator mouthpiece is made of non toxic silicone and ergonomically formed in order to minimize jaw fatigue on longer dives. The key to purchasing a scuba mouthpiece is to choose one made of top quality silicone. The MP900 scuba mouthpiece has a revolutionary design that incorporates multiple ergonomically designed raised Crayton rubber cushions on the bite tabs to provide additional comfort less jaw fatigue and a more pleasant dive experience Scuba mouthpieces generally feature short bite tabs and are made of a soft material to accommodate use by a wide range of jaws and teeth this requires forward movement of the jaw to effectively grip the scuba mouthpiece. This scuba mouthpiece really makes a difference in the quality of your dive Material Non toxic Silicone.

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